Who is Marco Almada?

I am an early-career scholar who has studied law in Brazil and the European Union. Before my legal education, I completed a bachelor's and a master's degree in computing and worked as a data scientist in the industry for some time. This dual background, as well as my other interests, shapes how I carry out my research and work.

You can download my CV below or browse its contents throughout this website.

Marco Almada - Academic CV.pdf


2020 - present

PhD in Law

Institution: European University Institute (Florence, Italy)
Thesis title: "Delegating the Law of Artificial Intelligence: A Procedural Account of Technology-Neutral Regulation"
Supervisor: Deirdre Curtin

2020 - 2021

LLM in Comparative, European, and International Laws

Institution: European University Institute (Florence, Italy)
Thesis title: "A techno-legal approach to the life cycle of artificial intelligence systems"
Supervisor: Deirdre Curtin

2016 - 2020

LLB in Law

Institution: University of São Paulo (São Paulo, Brazil)
Thesis title: "Direito à revisão de decisões automatizadas" [The right to a review of automated decisions]
Supervisor: Juliano Maranhão


MSc in Electrical Engineering

Institution: University of Campinas (Campinas, Brazil)
Thesis title: "Simulação de fenômenos sociais: aspectos epistemológicos e metodológicos" [Simulation of social phenomena: epistemological and methodological aspects]
Supervisor: Romis Attux

2009 - 2014

BSc in Computer Science

Institution: University of Campinas (Campinas, Brazil)

Professional experience

2020 - Present

Researcher, European University Institute (Florence, Italy)

2023 - Present

Academic consultant, Maranhão & Menezes law firm (São Paulo, Brazil)

2017  - 2020

Researcher and executive coordinator, Lawgorithm (São Paulo, Brazil)

2019  - 2020

Intern, data protection law, Sampaio Ferraz Advogados (São Paulo, Brazil)

2015  - 2018

Data scientist, various companies (São Paulo, Brazil)

2013  - 2014

Teaching assistant, University of Campinas (São Paulo, Brazil)

My newsletter

In July 2021, I started a newsletter titled AI, Law, and Otter Things. As its name suggests, this newsletter gives me a venue to write informally about things that interest me. There is no fixed schedule, but I tend to post once every fortnight or so.

Most of my posts so far have dealt with the relationship between law and technology, my experience as a doctoral candidate, and the exploration of ideas that are not yet mature enough for publication in a formal space. I also share some recommendations that might be of interest to my readers: mainly academic readings, but from time to time some other books, TV shows, and games. And every issue has images of cute animals, which tend to be either otters or my dog, Winnie.

Please consider subscribing to my newsletter, and feel free to reply to it with any thoughts, comments, or pushback. Here are some posts I am particularly fond of:


Working languages

Portuguese (Brazilian), English

Other languages

Italian (CEFR B2), Spanish (CEFR B2), French (CEFR A2)

Some things I care about beyond work

Winnie, my lovely and socially awkward dog.

Otters and their conservation (photo by Chris Paul licensed under CC-BY)




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